Help gets who has the courage to ask

Financial chaos and no more idea? Look for a way to get out of debt! Here, a lawyer (former lawyer) advises you in the context of social debt counseling. We will show you ways to get in touch with the creditors, how to get peace from foreclosure, and how to get an insolvency procedure for the remission of outstanding debts (residual debt relief). We work for you free of charge, if you are consumer and you can not afford a paid help or you can get a consultation certificate from the JobCenter (region of Hannover) or a cost benefit from the social office and with restrictions if you have debts from former self-employment.

What you Need:

Include a monthly statement of your monthly expenses and receipts, documents from all creditors (1 cover letter from everyone) and your current income statement (such as the last two salary statements, the current performance notice). Should you no longer have documents from all creditors, we will help you with a free self-inquiry at SCHUFA